SRB-POS Integration Frequently Ask Questions

Following categories are required to be integrated:
  • 1. Services provided or rendered by restaurants located in Hotels.
  • 2. Services provided or rendered by International restaurants who are franchisers or franchisees.
  • 3. Services provided or rendered by restaurants having more than one branch in Sindh.
  • 4. Services provided or rendered by restaurants outlets located in air-conditioned shopping malls.
  • 5. Services provided by restaurants through an online marketplace platform.
  • 6. Services provided by the restaurants whose turnover during the immediately preceding twelve tax periods exceeded rupees ten million.
The rate of Sindh Sales Tax for the SRB PoS integrated restaurants will be 13%.
The Sales Data Controller ('SDC') in SRB PoS system is enable to efficiently handle the transactions of "Sales Returns" and "exchange adjustments" by using the feature of Credit notes. SDC will generate a necessary contra entry against the initial sales invoices which was returned or exchanged.
The integrated person cannot delete any entries from Annex-C. However, if any sales could not be accommodated in Annex-C for any reason, the integrated person can add such sales to Annex-C.
Following penalties are prescribed under serial 2B and 7B of section 43 of the Sindh Sales Tax Act, 2011:

"Serial 2B: Such person shall be liable to pay a penalty of up to one hundred thousand rupees, but not less than twenty-five thousand rupees. In case of three consecutive defaults, the place of business of such person may further be liable to sealing"

"Serial 7B: Such person shall also be liable to a penalty up to one hundred thousand rupees or an amount equal to the amount of tax involved, whichever is higher. Such person shall further be liable, upon conviction by a special judge, to imprisonment which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to 100,000 rupees or with both."
No, the prepayment bills or the kutcha bills are not allowed through the SRB-POS system.
No, SRB-POS provides an advanced software which integrates with your existing accounting software, resulting zero cost implication.